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TruMoo Brews Up Orange Cream Flavored Milk for Halloween!

Written by Jen on September 24th, 2014. Posted in Products

Jilly the Cow is in the moo-ood for this frightfully delicious treat!

Jilly the Cow is in the moo-ood for this frightfully delicious treat!

Marquette, MISeptember 24, 2014 – Delight your boys and ghouls with TruMoo’s Orange Scream, a chillingly tasty treat to serve up to the kiddies this Halloween. Inspired by orange frozen pops with vanilla ice cream, this milk is so delicious, your little goblins will definitely scream for TruMoo’s Orange Scream!

Made with the same wholesome low-fat white milk as the original TruMoo Chocolate Milk, Orange Scream is brought to you by Jilbert Dairy, your local TruMoo Dairy. As always, there are no growth hormones or high fructose corn syrup in TruMoo, so go ahead and let your kids fall under the spell of this fun and delicious drink.

For a great treat that you won’t have to trick your kids into drinking, look for TruMoo Orange Scream in the dairy section of your favorite local store or stop by the Farm Store and pick some up today.

Don’t forget to stop by UPBargains.com or call the friendly folks at Great Lakes Radio (228-6800) to stretch your dollars with a Shopping Show certificate for 48 oz. of delicious Dean Foods Ice Cream at Jilbert Dairy. It’s ONLY $4! Be sure to listen to the Shopping Show every Wednesday from 9-11 am on Sunny.FM, 103 FXD and 98-3 WRUP for more great savings!

Sales Manager Steve Weinreich talks about TruMoo Orange Scream milk. Click to listen!


Customers Love Jilbert Dairy Products!

Written by Jen on August 4th, 2014. Posted in Front Page

Kids Enjoying Jilbert Dairy Ice Cream

Kids from Superior Central School enjoying Jilbert Dairy ice cream.

Marquette, Michigan  August 6, 2014  -  We recently got fan email from a mom who knows and loves Jilbert Dairy and our wholesome products.

Melissa W. writes:

My whole family loves your product. You have the best milk and ice cream out there and it’s a great value! I have bought Jilbert’s for years and will continue to buy your product.

Also a couple years ago my son’s class was able to tour your place in Marquette and was given some chocolate milk and he still talks about it, so thank you.

Jilbert Dairy has been the U.P.’s Dairy for over 70 years. Our milk comes from local cows on local farms, so rest assured you’re receiving the highest quality selection of dairy products.

Thanks for the email, Melissa W. We’re glad your son had a good time on the tour and we’re always happy to hear from our customers.

Talk to Seve Weinreich from Dean Foods Today

Jilbert Dairy Sales Manager, Steve Weinreich


Gluten Free and Chocolicious

Written by Rilee Waller on July 30th, 2014. Posted in Products

Zanzibar Chocolate Ice Cream from Dean's Foods

Zanzibar Chocolate Ice Cream from Dean’s Foods

Every chance I get, I choose Dean’s Zanzibar chocolate ice cream as my summer treat. The taste of the dark, rich chocolate is not the only draw. Dean’s Zanzibar chocolate ice cream is made with the best ingredients and gluten FREE! That just can’t be beat. Swing by the farm store in Marquette for a scoop.

Don’t forget to pick up a Shopping Show certificate from Great Lakes Radio to stretch your dollars at Jilbert Dairy.

Do you have questions about Jilbert Dairy products? Contact Steve Weinreich today.

Dean’s Country Fresh Crunch Bar: Treat Yourself!

Written by Jen on July 24th, 2014. Posted in Products

Jilbert Dairy Dean's Country Fresh Crunch Bar

Jilbert Dairy Dean’s Country Fresh Crunch Bar

Marquette, Michigan - July 24, 2014 – My love for chocolate knows no bounds!  So this summer I’m heading to Jilbert Dairy for a new take on a classic summertime treat: Dean’s Country Fresh Crunch Bars are made with real vanilla flavored ice cream and covered in a real chocolate flavored coating and crisped rice.

Pick up some for your family today and indulge this summer with Dean’s Country Fresh Crunch Bars, Ice Cream Bars, Assorted Pops in cherry, orange, grape, and lime flavors, and Orange Cream Bars.  They’re all located in your local grocers freezer.  Personally, I love the crunch bars because they’re a quick and easy chocolate fix – no bowls or spoons required!

And remember to stretch your dollars with a Great Lakes Radio’s Shopping Show certificate for some sweet ice cream delights from Jilbert Dairy!

Talk to Seve Weinreich from Dean Foods Today

Sales Manager, Steve Weinreich, recommends Dean’s Country Fresh Crunch Bars from your friends at Jilbert Dairy!

Cool Off This 4th of July With Jilbert Dairy!

Written by Jen on July 3rd, 2014. Posted in Products


Marquette, MI - July 3, 2014 – Happy Fourth of July from Jilbert Dairy!  While you’re out on the beach having fun, or sampling all the tastes of the International Food Fest in Marquette’s Lower Harbor, remember to stay safe this holiday weekend.

While you’re hanging out with friends and family this weekend, remember to bring along some ice cream treats from Jilbert’s!  Dean’s Ice Cream Novelty Treats and 48oz containers of ice cream make for great quick fixes for your sweet tooth and Land O’Lakes new French Onion Party Dip makes your gathering a real party!Steve_Weinreich

Don’t forget: we can stretch your dollar with Shopping Show certificates from Great Lakes Radio!  Pick yours up today before they’re gone!